The Speeder for the Pickled Cabbage Railway "PCR"
in 3" scale on 7.25"/7.5" gauge track

Now, that the speeder is finished and should be shipped on friday june 30, some major problems occure:

1.On march 03, 2003, I asked the US embassy in Berlin, Germany, how I could handle my plan with transporting the speeder to the US and back to Germany. The embassy suggested to check with the local chamber of commerce (IHK in Germany) and to request an Carnet ATA.
2.Today, may 26, 2003, I called the IHK regarding the Carnet. They told me the following:
1.The Carnet ATA is only valid for sale-examples and tools. My Speeder is nothing of that.
2.Goods with a Carnet ATA can't be mailed. They could not tell me, if shipping via UPS will be the same as mailed.
3.The hardest part for me might be, that a wooden shipping-box (made from plywood and some stripwood) would not be allowed to come into the US.

It would be very nice, if their is someone out their in the US, who can help me and answer the questions. Today, I spent around 50 $ for the needed plywood to build the shipping-box, and the construction has to be done during the next days, so that I can ship the Speeder on friday.

An really depressed Hubert from Germany

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